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“Angels in Action” is a feature documentary, produced by CineArt.

Education is changing with an ever accelerating pace, as well as technology. In order to be prepared for the current and future challenges, a child has to learn from really inspiring and motivated teachers.

“Angels in action” is a movie about those empowering individuals, that give their pupils a flying start, inspiring them to work hard and achieve worldwide success. However, quite often such teachers are under-appreciated in Bulgaria, remaining in the shadow of this usually underpaid position.

The IT industry, on the other hand, remains “hungry” for talent given that it seeks to create courses and even private academies in tackling the problem. The programs the industry develops, however, are rarely in touch with actual schools and teachers, thus relying mostly on university students, whose numbers dwindle each year. This is the reason why the best students of the best teachers often seek to study abroad and look for a career and happiness beyond their homeland.

What is the male presence in the Bulgarian education? How has the role and the idea of the teacher changed in the digital age? Why is the introduction of new means and methods of teaching necessary and how important is primary education in the era of rapid technological development and information society? This is the subject of the project “Angels in Action” and the main theme of the feature documentary.


To explore the actual condition of the Bulgarian education and its connection to the development of the civil society. To investigate and showcase good teaching practices domestically and worldwide. To create a campaign whose aim would be to support and expand the dialogue about the reform needed in the state educational policy in view of the digital age, in which we all live. To change the way the Bulgarian society tends to think and treat education by presenting it as a fundamental condition for success in today’s world.