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Supporting us, you will help us achieve:

  • Finishing the postproduction of the film and organising a premiere in May, 2019;
  • Screenings and discussions, in the municipal cities of Northern Bulgaria until the summer of 2019;
  • Organising expert discussion panels for solutions in six key areas and publishing the results;
  • Launching a gratitute #teachersmatter campaign with short video stories for teachers in the entire country.

Risk and challenges

Finalizing a film by itself is a huge task, which required focused work during the last two months. We are balancing the story between the different subjects and the need to be compelling and captivating to the audience for the entire length of the movie. The expenses pile up as with any film production and include many other besides shooting on location – editing, animation, color corrections, music and sound design.

A compelling task is the choice of movie theaters for the premiere, as well as the screenings in the country. Our team has a pretty good idea about the expenses and the needed time to organize, and we are looking into having at minimum one screening and discussion per city. It is important for us the film and its topics to be seen and discussed with representatives of the local institutions and the NGO sector – mayors, municipal councilors, civil society.

Financing targets (screening and discussions)

  • Finalizing, screening in 5 cities – €6500
  • Screening in 10 cities – €10500
  • Screening in 15 cities – €14500
  • Screening in 20 citie – €18500

Crowdfunding perks:

  • Watch online – $6
  • Screening ticket + card – $14
  • Watch online + poster + card – $18
  • Screening ticket + poster + card – $23
  • Premiere invitation + card + poster – $30
  • City screening sponsor – 20 pcs – $750

Sponsorship packages outside Indiegogo:

  • Discussion Panels – $2000
  • Campaign #teachersmatter – $3000
  • Distribution in Bulgaria -$5700

You can receive complete details about the sponsorship packages by contacting us.